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So you already have an inkling that something’s amiss with your brand image, or perhaps it’s your business card making you cringe each time you hand one over to a prospective client. Is it one of those cracking numbers that you’ve run through your desktop printer and then tear one off the sheet so you get that lovely furry edge? Or is it your Facebook banner (and if you have a Facebook business page then that’s a great start) does it have your current logo on it but somehow it doesn’t look quite like your logo because it’s been stretched to the whaazoo? Maybe even your whole marketing plan, oh wait, maybe THAT is the issue, you don’t really HAVE a marketing plan. Well dear reader the fun starts here.

So we’re back to having a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious brand image as the face of your company - that’s the starting point and believe us it IS going to secure you leads and make you money. What’s going to make it even MORE powerful and awe inspiring is consistent, controlled use of that brand in all areas of your marketing and outstanding creative backing it all up and tying it all together. Now we’re talking!

Well we could dribble on about good creative, good design and what it is or should be, according to our culture and society in general.

However, we prefer (and we like our clients to as well) to try to forget what good design is supposed to look like and instead focus on the statement, on what the design needs to say to the target audience, it will tell us how it should look. It will design itself. 
Well, almost.
That said, we don’t like to take ourselves too seriously, we think it’s bloody important to have fun along the way, after all, if you don’t like what you do then why the hell would you spend so much time and energy doing it?! No, you can rest assured dear reader, here at AreCreative, we love what we do!


Don’t be that company with the
fuzzy, dodgy looking social sites,
it WILL cost you business.

So who are we? 
We Are Creative.

The proof as they say, is in the pudding.
Here’s a little slice.

AreCreative are our go to team for all things graphics and visual. Consistency is the key. Consistently high quality in design, advice and most importantly communication. They are not merely an execution service but feel like a permanent member of our team. Highly recommended!” 

David Lee

Founder ~ G8 Performance

Ben Creighton

Founder – Commander: 
~ Designer + UI Designer + Developer

The overwhelmingly amazing truth of how having a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious brand image as the face of your company is going to secure you leads and make you money.

We apologise in advance if that’s actually why you’ve landed here but hey the good news is you ARE here, and that’s the first step (or click in this case) in the right direction so don’t feel too bad, smiley face with a wink.

Yasmin Peterson 

First Lieutenant: 

 ~ Designer

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Are Creative Brand, Graphic Design, Web Design, Print Design.
Yasmin Peterson,  mum, designer, all round champion
Ben Creighton, founder, owner, husband, dad, designer, developer, UI designer, ginga ninja

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Are Creative Brand, Graphic Design, Web Design, Print Design.

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